In my experience successful photography is as much about the relationship between photographer and client than it is about the technical aspect of the job. Therefore getting a better understanding of each other is essential in creating great images so communication needs to begin somewhere and it should start with me.

As a Photographer in Berkshire, I am based in Maidenhead just outside London and my background before photography was in renewable energy, specifically solar. The use of light in all its forms has always captivated me so the progression into photography was a logical step. Photography has always been in my life, from taking pictures as a little boy to now being able to do this as my career has been a fantastic journey that is still evolving. Elements such as composition, light and storytelling have grown more important to me as I've developed as a photographer, so much so, that these are the first things I look for. It enables me to be prepared to capture that decisive moment or amazing expression when they happen.

It is a joy for me to be able to use this passion together with a fascination in people to create natural and honest images that connect with clients on a regular basis. My style is organic and contemporary, using natural light as much as possible to tell stories from special days and relationships to locations and products. In my opinion photography has moved away from simply capturing the presence of a subject to reporting on events and capturing that sense of occasion that is unique and so sought after by clients. My aim is to show the natural spirit of people and recording significant moments as they occur without interrupting or making my presence known to create truthful yet beautiful photographs.

In October 2014 I successfully held my first public exhibition of work at Norden Farm, Centre for the Arts in Maidenhead, Berkshire. As you can see from the photo above, I was so proud to be able showcase my creative portfolio alongside my commercial work from this year - should you like anymore information please click here or you can see a movie of the event, click here

Tom Waller
Luminous Photography