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wedding photographer in berkshire

Wedding Photographer in Berkshire

As a wedding photographer in Berkshire I'm lucky to have some amazing clients who have chosen some of the most beautiful venues in the county to get married. Just recently I've had wedding shoots at Cliveden House, The Guildhall in Windsor to name but a few.


In my opinion the best wedding photography is not simply about the images themselves, its about capturing passion to show that everyone has a story and how unique and important this is. It is the job of the photographer to understand the couple and the style of images that they desire in order to produce stunning results that will be cherished forever. 

I try to not to follow the formulaic process of traditional wedding photography as I find it stiffles creativity and ends up saying nothing about the couple or how special their day is.  

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 My style is organic and contemporary, using natural light as much as possible to tell stories from special days and relationships to locations and products. In my opinion photography has moved away from simply capturing the presence of a subject to reporting on events and capturing that sense of occasion that is unique and so sought after by clients. My aim is to show the natural spirit of people and recording significant moments as they occur without interrupting or making my presence known to create truthful yet beautiful photographs.

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