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Coxless Crew Pacific Ocean Row

Photographer in Berkshire covers CWN 2014

Whilst at the Centrica Womens Network Event 2014 there was a presentation from The Coxless Crew who are an inspirational group of 4 women who are setting off on to safely row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean, from Long Beach California 8446 miles to Cairns Australia.


The charities that are being rowed for are:


As more women join the army and take part in frontline duty there is a greater risk for them to be seriously injured. As we are an all female crew, Walking with the Wounded have agreed that all money raised for the charity during the row will be put into a dedicated fund to specifically help our injured servicewomen.

Finding long-term employment is one of the biggest challenges facing wounded servicewomen and men hoping to lead a normal life after severe injury.

Walking with the Wounded help fund the re-training and re-education of these women and men to help with their transition after active duty.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, and the number of cases is rising. Around 55,000 people are now diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK each year, with about 400 of these being men. That’s one in eight women.

Breast Cancer Care is the only UK-wide charity providing specialist support and tailored information for anyone affected by breast cancer. Their clinical expertise and emotional support network help thousands of people find a way to live with, through and beyond breast cancer. We are constantly inspired by the strength and character shown by the women that are fighting their way through it and we want to give something back to these incredible ladies.

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Good luck to all involved in the fantastic journey

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