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As a professional photographer its always a good plan to keep pushing yourself and experimenting with new techniques or styles of the art. It is this that keeps your skills honed and creative ideas fresh, resulting in better images. Therefore, I've set myself a challenge for 2015 to start practising street photography, as its an area that I've never tried before but I've always loved the style of photograph that it produces

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A frame within a frame within some frames


As a photographer in Berkshire I decided to head up to London recently to explore the city and see how my first experience would go. I had no real plan, apart from the setting I would try out on my camera, (which I will go into during another blog article) so I just got off the train at Paddington and started wandering. 5 hours and many hundred of images later I was knackered but in love with Street Photography, its such a joy to see the city with no specific image in mind but to simply react to what arose or was happening in front of me. Most of my professional consumer and commercial photography is successful due to planning and the visualisation of what I want to achieve but Street Photography allows a more reactive methodology that I found very refreshing.

I hope you enjoy some of the results



Christmas Reflections


Life's a Thrill, don't miss out!!!!



Cigarette Break


Who's Watching Who?


Eye's to the left 4, No's to the right 2 



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