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Custom Motorbike photography

As a professional photographer I get invited to photograph an almost unlimited variety of people, places, products, events etc etc etc but one thing that usually connected them all is passion. Passion for the people in the photograph, the places featured or the products they have created. 

One this occasion the passion is for motorcycles and in particular for the custom motorcycle made by my client and his son. Its a 1972 Honda that has taken years to finish, from the wreck they started with, to commissioning custom made parts and to the roar of the engine when she started up for the first time.

SARbike-1001SARbike-1001SARbike-1001 SARbike-1010SARbike-1010SARbike-1010 SARbike-1009SARbike-1009SARbike-1009

The custom motorbike is all about the details so it was really important to capture some of the minutest parts of the bike.....thankfully the client was there to point most of them out to me as I'm a complete novice in this area. However, I could not help but be impressed by the knowledge, technical ability and enthusiasm but father and son showed for this bike and I only hope these images did it justice

SARbike-1023SARbike-1023SARbike-1023 SARbike-1011SARbike-1011SARbike-1011


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