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Corporate Headshots Photography in Berkshire

We all know first impressions have always mattered, but in the past that would usually occur in person, perhaps with a handshake. However, the world has moved on (or to be more accurate, online) and people are more likely to have researched you via your website, Google, LinkedIn before you’ve even had a chance to test the grip of their handshake. This means that the impression you provide online could not be more important or relevant to the perception of you or your Corporate Headshot Photography can be an essential tool in achieving this

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Therefore, a carefully chosen headshot that reflects you or your business is of vital importance. Whether you are a Lawyer, Marketeer, Accountant or Web Designer your headshot should set the tone for who you are and what you are about. It is essential that you understand what impression you are trying to generate from the corporate headshot e.g. relaxed, approachable, professional, confident etc as different industries have different requirements - would you want to use a lawyer dressed in t-shirt and shorts, probably not, but a carefully constructed headshot using natural light, perhaps with an open collar, with the subject off centre looking into the lens will create a professional, creditable yet approachable image.

It not just about the individual, companies want to make their websites more engaging, honest and approachable so adding an actual image of the person you will be dealing with, to the "about us" or "contact us" pages, undoubtably creates trust and confidence in their site/ brand.

We supply 3 main types of Corporate headshot, and try to use natural light as much as possible, as it creates the most honest and flattering images.

  1. Location Formal Headshot - usually shot on clients business premises to add authenticity.
  2. Location Informal Headshot - these are becoming more and more popular as it allows more personality to come out 
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3. Action Headshot - we set up a shoot to capture the subject ‘in action’ perhaps giving a presentation or interacting with a fake client to create a more dynamic and engaging imaging 

LawryFamily-1059LawryFamily-1059 IvorHeadshot-1001IvorHeadshot-1001

If you are interested in a updating your current corporate headshot or investing in one for the first time then please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are based in Maidenhead, Berkshire but will happily cover London and the South East





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