Luminous Photography | Event Photography from the re-opening of Heidis Patisserie in Windsor

Event Photography from the re-opening of Heidis Patisserie in Windsor

Saturday saw the reopening of the patisserie at Daniels department store in Windsor and luminous photography was invited to cover it. As a commercial photographer in Berkshire (who also loves his food and food photography) I'm always interested in new local brands being launched and Heidi's patisserie is the latest. 

Here are some images from the day and please don't hesitate to get in touch should you have a similar requirement

HeidiPatisserie-1016HeidiPatisserie-1016 HeidiPatisserie-1044HeidiPatisserie-1044 HeidiPatisserie-1082HeidiPatisserie-1082

Daniels Patisserie was been a Windsor institution for years and this week saw a major overhaul of the venue and menu. You can now see all the delicious pastries, cakes, sandwiches, pizza, salads etc being freshly made on-site by amazing chefs but it's the new design/ brand that you really notice. Heidi has worked at the patisserie for many years and Daniels have now made her the focal point which really adds to the authenticity and heritage of the brand. 

HeidiPatisserie-1035HeidiPatisserie-1035 HeidiPatisserie-1102HeidiPatisserie-1102 HeidiPatisserie-1027HeidiPatisserie-1027 HeidiPatisserie-1097HeidiPatisserie-1097 HeidiPatisserie-1019HeidiPatisserie-1019 HeidiPatisserie-1088HeidiPatisserie-1088 HeidiPatisserie-1049HeidiPatisserie-1049 HeidiPatisserie-1093HeidiPatisserie-1093 HeidiPatisserie-1099HeidiPatisserie-1099 HeidiPatisserie-1001HeidiPatisserie-1001 HeidiPatisserie-1003HeidiPatisserie-1003



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