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Street Photography #2

Its been such a busy year so far that my personal project for 2015, to get out there and do more street photography, had taken a bit of a back seat. I'm certainly not complaining because as a professional photographer, you have to go where the paid work is first and personal projects must wait their turn. However, yesterday I had the opportunity to head into a very sunny London and rectify this....

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The Three Ages of Man
The Three Ages of ManThe Three Ages of Man OK Google, where am I? Where am I?Where am I?

The two photographs above were my favourite from the day! I especially like 'The Three Ages of Man' image with the young, fit girl running for a bus on the left who is catching up to the middle aged businessman, who in turn, is about to pass the older, slower, slightly shabby gentleman closest to the camera. It just seems to fit the theme of the 'cycle of life' pretty well....although I know its not quite up to Titian masterpiece ;-)

The 'OK Google....where am I?" picture just made me laugh when taking it and I think it works quite well as a street photography image. This is also a good example of an image that I saw in my minds eye before taking it, although it did require luck and a lot of waiting around for the correct person to come along and stand in the right place!

Dad Comes to the Rescue Dad comes to the RescueDad comes to the Rescue londonstreet-1002londonstreet-1002 londonstreet-1005londonstreet-1005 londonstreet-1004londonstreet-1004 londonstreet-1001londonstreet-1001



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