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Headshot Photography for Entrepreneurs and Start Ups

As a commercial headshot photographer in Berkshire its always great to great to work with other start ups/ entrepreneurs in the local area. I've successfully worked with Centrica for a few years now and they run program called 'Ignite' whose aim is to provide funding and business assistance for social entrepreneurs in the energy sector. This is Ignite's second year of finding companies to assist and last week I was invited to their Growth Accelerator event at Royal Holloway to provide headshot photography of each of the entrants for marketing and online purposes

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With my mobile light set up I was able to produce the following headshot photographs for Ignite. The shoot lasted about 90 minutes and we created headshots for the 9 different companies who were enrolled in the growth accelerator programme. 

I think this event only proves the fact that companies of all sizes, ranging from new start ups to well established businesses need to have quality imagery to enhance their online presence and for traditional marketing activities. That is why Centrica, one of the UK's largest Blue Chip companies, felt it was important to provide these entrepreneurs with good imagery as part of the business support package offered in the Ignite growth accelerator programme.

If you, as an individual or as part of an organisation, would like to discuss improving your corporate heashots then please don't hesitate to get in touch or you can see some other blog posts

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Corporate Headshots Photography in Berkshire

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