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Dental Practice Interior Photography and Headshot Photography

Every business needs to make sure that they make the right impression, whether this is in person when a client visits your premises or when they visit you online via your website or social media. Therefore its essential to provide online visitors with imagery that correctly reflects your business, its quality, authenticity and approachability in order to differentiate yourself from the competition and appeal to new and existing customers.

This was exactly what Burton Dental Practice were after when they commission Luminous Photography to photograph their surgery and staff for their new website. They had just re-fitted the surgery so wanted to highlight the modern and contemporary style on their website and social media but also to make the staff recognisable and approachable when clients were choosing a dentist:

Burton Dental-1014Burton Dental-1014Burton Dental-1014 Burton Dental-1018Burton Dental-1018Burton Dental-1018 Burton Dental-1021Burton Dental-1021Burton Dental-1021 Burton Dental-1024Burton Dental-1024Burton Dental-1024 Burton Dental-1005Burton Dental-1005Burton Dental-1005 Burton Dental-1008Burton Dental-1008Burton Dental-1008 Burton Dental-1029Burton Dental-1029Burton Dental-1029 Burton Dental-1031Burton Dental-1031Burton Dental-1031

As you can see the images allow a potential customer to see exactly what the surgery is like plus who will be looking after them, which is really important to the dentist as clients can be nervous. 

Burton Dental-1002Burton Dental-1002Burton Dental-1002 Burton Dental-1005Burton Dental-1005Burton Dental-1005 Burton Dental-1033Burton Dental-1033Burton Dental-1033

If you'd like to know more about how professional photography can help your business website and social media then please don't hesitate to get in touch 


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