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Interior Photography for Therapy Clinic

One of my recent jobs was for a therapy clinic in South London. They required internal and external photography of their new premises but were concerned about the lack of window/ natural light due to the restrictions of the location. I was able to discuss with them options from bring additional lighting equipment with me or to use photographic techniques that wouldn't require any additional expense or hiring of expensive kit. As a new business they decided to go with the more cost effective option and I explained how exposure bracketing works:

the term bracketing usually refers to exposure bracketing: the photographer chooses to take one picture at a given exposure, one or more brighter, and one or more darker, in order to select the most satisfactory image. Technically, this can be accomplished by changing either the shutter speed or the aperture, or, with digital cameras, the ISO speed, or combinations thereof. Exposure can also be changed by altering the light level, for example using neutral-gray filters or changing the degree of illumination of the subject (e.g. artificial light, flash). Since the aim here is to alter the amount of exposure, but not otherwise the visual effect, exposure compensation for static subjects is typically performed by altering the shutter speed, for as long as this is feasible. 

The resulting shoot was undertaken and I'm pleased to say the client was really happy with the results that made their interior look light, airy and full of natural light.

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